Friday, June 17, 2011

Lynn Canyon Park in North Vancouver, BC

One of the things I wanted to do was visit new places I haven't been before within my area. We visited the Lynn Canyon Park in North Vancouver which I really enjoyed. It's a relatively small park with effortless trails and a beautiful river. They also have a suspension bridge which I didn't get any photos of as I was too busy making sure, Bambi, my new chihuahua didn't fall off hehe.

Bambi, our new chihuahua loves going out but did not appreciate us dunking his paws into the cold water. He's so adorable, he follows me everywhere and will not leave a place without me.

He looks sleepy here even though he wasn't at all. His ears remind me of Gizmo in his cute state of course.

The river was very whimsical green as well as super clear and super cold.

This crazy bird was getting a drink from the intense flowing river.

He's dunking his whole head in, I don't know how he did NOT get swept away. ;P

Hello my name is...SQUIRREL!