Friday, February 26, 2010

Mirror Mirror on the Wall, who's the prettiest Kitty of all?

A funny thing happened, I was taking pics of my new MAC Two Virtues blush and my kitty jumped up on the window sill and started modeling in front of the camera. The compact magnified her face and I thought it was the cutest thing ever. I am lovin how the pics turned out. haha

Here is her unmagnified. She is adorable!

MAC Two Virtues Blush Review

This blush is the only one that caught my eye from the Too Fabulous Collection. I have sooo much blush so I am really trying not to purchase any more unless it's unique. The unique part in this one is the violet.
I love the violet in it and I wish the whole thing was just this pretty violet color. Why is a violet blush so hard to find? I have thought of putting violet eye-shadow on my cheeks but the finish wouldn't be the same, and it would be very annoying.

The pink part is almost identical to Love Rock's solid side from the Grand Duo's collection. It's a color that I wear often and I think it really suites cool toned pale complexions. After I put on Two Virtues with a brush, I use my clean fingers to rub the violet section and put it on my cheeks so it looks more violety rather than like a Love Rock Dupe.

The texture is heavenly, identical to the solid part of Grand Duo's which are my favourite blushes ever! I think that some people classified the GD's as glittery because of some chunky glitters on the highlighting side in some of them.(Even though they don't show up on the face). So these are basically the Grand Duo's - minus the highlighting side which contained the glittery chunks.

I really wish Mac would stop playing it safe and released some more unique colors like a BRIGHT RED (peoples true blushing color), lavender, violet...

I love pairing Two Virtues with Fashion Mews ( a lavender lipstick) and Beautiful Iris (a lavender eye-shadow). I guess I am on a lavender roll this week. haha.

Two Virtues and Love Rock Comparison. The Violet side looks more violet in person, it's just hard to capture in photos.

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Dream of the Night - A Garden

I very rarely have dreams where I die, usually it's me running after someone with a knife in a murderous bloody rage. My last dream was quite intense. I dreamt I was standing in a garden and was expecting something to happen but didn't know what. Then, there was a huge thermal explosion which blew me away a few blocks down the street. As I was being blown away, I could feel my face all hot and melting and I thought how much I loved my family,but also came to a realization that life was one big joke. I heard my sister screaming and that's the only thing that made me feel uneasy. I immediately woke up afterwards...

Escada Marine Groove Perfume Reveiw

The new Escada fragrance is sunshine, sweet cockatiels, clear tropical waters, fine white sand, and bartenders who don't speak any English in a bottle. Wait did I just type cockatiels? I meant the boozy kind that you drink and make you feel all happy and giddy inside, not the actual flapping birds. Although those could fit well into the image too.

If I wanted to give this perfume a less elaborate description, I would say it smells like sugary grapefruits. Escada could have made a more interesting name rather than "Marine Groove" which I always get the words confused with "ocean lounge", their previous fragrance. If I remember correctly, marine groove smells more sweet and fruity whereas ocean lounge is more floral. Both are pleasant but I prefer marine groove for its ability to teleport me to the Caribbean. The only downside is it doesn't last as long as it should, but in general I am very happy with it.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Alice in Wonderland Movie!

The Red Queen + Pig = Could it get any better?

Ah how I dream of a pink pet piggy...I can't wait to see the movie coming out on March 5th! 3 days after my b-day. I usually avoid going on the first release day of a popular movie as I hate crowds and waiting in lines but Alice is a complete exception. It's going to be in 3D which will make will make it even more gloriously mind tripping. The most recent 3D movie I watched was Avatar, and was blown away by all the beautiful imagery.

The Mad Hatter looking a litte bit too crazy? As in someone to pop out at you in the haunted house crazy?

I worked as a mental patient at a haunted house at our local amusement park and would have loved to see him lurking in the dark corners of our house. Nothing would be more enjoyable than watching him make annoying kids cry with his pointing finger. Hell, I would scream everytime he'd pass my room to go on break.

Alice in Wonderland Palette

So I though Id start my blog by reveiwing the long awaited Alice in Wonderland palette. I squeeled with excitement when I picked it up in Sephora and was not dissapointed when I brought it home. If you have the Vol II peacock palette, this is still worth it as it only duplicates 4 colors. However, you will find this contains almost all the Ammo palette colors so it may be an easy skip unless you really love all things Alice like I do. All the colors are smooth and pigmented except for Midnight Tea Party(Midnight Cowboy Rides Again) which why Urban decay feels like they must shove into every palette is a mystery to me.

UD should have made this whole palette into a bright colorful, lucid sensation with new duochrome colors but it still satisfies me as I do not have the ammo palette...