Thursday, February 11, 2010

Alice in Wonderland Palette

So I though Id start my blog by reveiwing the long awaited Alice in Wonderland palette. I squeeled with excitement when I picked it up in Sephora and was not dissapointed when I brought it home. If you have the Vol II peacock palette, this is still worth it as it only duplicates 4 colors. However, you will find this contains almost all the Ammo palette colors so it may be an easy skip unless you really love all things Alice like I do. All the colors are smooth and pigmented except for Midnight Tea Party(Midnight Cowboy Rides Again) which why Urban decay feels like they must shove into every palette is a mystery to me.

UD should have made this whole palette into a bright colorful, lucid sensation with new duochrome colors but it still satisfies me as I do not have the ammo palette...


  1. Wow your Alice in Wonderland Palette looks so gorgeous! I'm so jealous! I especially want Mushroom...I'm kinda hoping UD will release it as a single soon!

  2. Yes, Mushroom is really pretty! I love taupes.