Friday, February 26, 2010

Mirror Mirror on the Wall, who's the prettiest Kitty of all?

A funny thing happened, I was taking pics of my new MAC Two Virtues blush and my kitty jumped up on the window sill and started modeling in front of the camera. The compact magnified her face and I thought it was the cutest thing ever. I am lovin how the pics turned out. haha

Here is her unmagnified. She is adorable!

MAC Two Virtues Blush Review

This blush is the only one that caught my eye from the Too Fabulous Collection. I have sooo much blush so I am really trying not to purchase any more unless it's unique. The unique part in this one is the violet.
I love the violet in it and I wish the whole thing was just this pretty violet color. Why is a violet blush so hard to find? I have thought of putting violet eye-shadow on my cheeks but the finish wouldn't be the same, and it would be very annoying.

The pink part is almost identical to Love Rock's solid side from the Grand Duo's collection. It's a color that I wear often and I think it really suites cool toned pale complexions. After I put on Two Virtues with a brush, I use my clean fingers to rub the violet section and put it on my cheeks so it looks more violety rather than like a Love Rock Dupe.

The texture is heavenly, identical to the solid part of Grand Duo's which are my favourite blushes ever! I think that some people classified the GD's as glittery because of some chunky glitters on the highlighting side in some of them.(Even though they don't show up on the face). So these are basically the Grand Duo's - minus the highlighting side which contained the glittery chunks.

I really wish Mac would stop playing it safe and released some more unique colors like a BRIGHT RED (peoples true blushing color), lavender, violet...

I love pairing Two Virtues with Fashion Mews ( a lavender lipstick) and Beautiful Iris (a lavender eye-shadow). I guess I am on a lavender roll this week. haha.

Two Virtues and Love Rock Comparison. The Violet side looks more violet in person, it's just hard to capture in photos.


  1. What great photos! Your kitty is gorgeous. ;-)

  2. Thanks! She's adorable but very fiesty! She hates performing tricks for treats. She just wants to snatch away the treat. hehe