Saturday, March 6, 2010

MAC Liberty of London Review

I was walking on Robson st and had no intention of going to MAC but then I saw the Liberty of London stand through the window and ran right in. I love this collection and the birdy packaging. I went to MAC twice in one day to complete my haul and the same MA was laughing how she didn't expect to see me back so soon. My bf was shaking his head at me and I was called the liberty of london girl by another MA. haha.

What I found very different in the packaging is on the beauty powders and blushes the top middle part pertrude up. I am not sure if they did that for the style or because it was cheaper to produce. There are no stickers though so that's a plus.

I absolutely LOVED both the blushes. Prim & Proper is a gorgeous peach that looks slightly pink on me. It's more matte for me than it is shimmery but it still manages to give a pretty glow. It's the peachy color that I was looking for.

Dirty Plum is absolutely gorgeous as well. It looks way better on the skin than it does in the pan. Both the blushes are neither muddy or dirty. I was concerned how the satin formula of the blushes would apply as all my other MAC blushes are sheertone shimmers. The finish is between matte and shimmery and it looks really good. They just take a bit more effort to blend but with a soft buffing brush such as the MUFE one, it's no problem at all. I am a total blush whore and have so many blushes but these are unique to my collection. I think they would suit all skintones. Don't be afraid by how dark Dirty Plum looks if your white as snow like me. A good buffing brush and a light hand is all you need...

Next the eye-shadows! I love love Birds & Berries. It a very pretty dark teal that doesn't look frosty on the eye. I wore it all over my lid with some mascara today and really liked it. It's not like any teal I have. I got Bough Grey but upon application it dissapointed me. I felt like I had to pack it on and pull on my lid to get it to show up. I just hate the texture of it. I was excited by it being a grey-green but it just looked like a dull ordinary grey. I will probably exchange it for dame's desire.

I usually hate beauty powders such as Summer Rose. It's just so unpigmented and chalky which I don't find good enough to use as a blush and doesn't do anything applied all over my face. They are also more expensive than a blush so I just don't see the point. However, I love Shell Pearl and I think all pale girls need this. I dusted it all over my face with a kabuki brush and it gave such a pretty subtle glow. It's is pearly and slightly pink which I love.

Blooming Lovely is the only lipstick that appealed to me in the collection. I can't quite describe the color but it's nothing like Lavender Whip or Fashion Mews. It's a mauvey color that is super pretty. It looks very subtle on the lips and I love the amplified finish which is super creamy. I recall Ever Hip l/s being too sheer.

The bag is one of my fav items. I love the design with the bird. It's funny, when I first saw the design I wasn't crazy about it probably because I envisioned it completely different in my head but now I love the it. At home, I noticed a resemblance to my other make-up bag by Fluff. It even has the same type of flower on the zipper. The Fluff one was half the price and it is definately more durable. The MAC bag looks great but I feel they skimmed a bit on quality. I wish there was another layer on the inside of it which prevents the bag from getting dirty from the cosmetics but there's isn't. Oh well, it still makes me happy.

My kitty claimed the bag to be hers. hehe

My bird Babette also approves of this collection. She looks so sweet but will boss around her big parrot neighbours.

The stand-outs from this collection are Prim & Proper, Shell Pearl, Birds & Berries, Blooming Lovely. :)


  1. Love the swatches! Does your kitty get along with Babette?

  2. Thanks. They probably find each other irritatng. hehe My kitty doesn't like when Babette flaps her wings around her so she leaves. My kitty also likes to sit on top of Babettes cage which Babette doesn't like.