Friday, March 19, 2010

Smoke & Diamonds Look

I am sick and so piled up in homework and exams so haven't had much time for blogging lately but I wanted to do a look. I am happy that my math exam was easy. I desaturated the pics in order to get rid of alot of yellow tones from the lighting which kinda got rid of some other colors like the teal Birds & Berries which I have been wearing every day lately. I loved the look though.

I used:

Revlon Colorstay foundation in ivory
UDDP base
MAC Smoke & Diamonds all over lid with Birds & Berries in crease
Forgot to use highlighting color
Dirty Plum Blush brushed on lightly with the #187 brush
$5 Lipstick by PURE called Flamingo. It literally smells like a barbie doll!
Some other ones I got on sale were very strawberry smelling. I love nicely scented lipsticks!
Tarte Mascara in the purple tube - I didn't wear any eyeliner on my top lash and I really like how I don't feel like I need to with a good mascara like this.


  1. Great color combo! Ok I'm definitely going to try this today! BTW your skin looks flawless. What foundation/powder are you using? Heck, what skincare do you use? You should definitely blog about that! :)

  2. Thanks! You made my day. ;) I am using revlon colorstay in those pics with no powder and use all sorts of brands in my skincare. I will definately blog about it soon!

  3. Yay can't wait to read the post! BTW I wore smoke & diamonds with birds & berries today. Great combo! What color are you in colorstay vs mac?

  4. You should have taken pics! I am NC 15 in Mac I believe although I never wore their foundations and ivory in colorstay. I am very pale with pink undertones & the colorstay matches me very well.

  5. This is a very gorgeous look! Your skin is flawless! I love revlon's colorstay!

  6. Thanks! Yes, I always come back to colorstay.

  7. You look lovely, just checked some of your other posts and love your photos and comparisons, keep up the good work! X