Friday, March 26, 2010

New Make-up Storage System!

My make-up was always scattared all over the place with bins on the floor. As soon as I saw this gem at Costco, I had to have it! To my surprise, it was only $25 which is like the price of one MAC beauty powder. I love the multicolored bins on wheels, and how I can place my other stuff on top as well. I sold alot of my make-up, I want to keep items that I actually use so I have several free bins and my makeup collection looks so small now! I took some pics of my makeup stash but forgot the eyeshadows, lipgloss and the brushes, but I will post those later.

My favourite bin- my blushes!! I can't get enough of these.

My all time favourite high-lighter Lightscapade is missing. It's prolly in the bathroom.

What the hell, I love all my bins! haha

Piggies are what got me into MAC, so sad they don't produce them like this anymore!


  1. cute!! for $25, that's a good deal! i like that! i agree with you on the pigments, love the old, not really the new

  2. Yes, I don't even want to buy any new pigments anymore because the new ones look and feel so much cheaper!

  3. Perfect idea! I love that you can display everything in the bins, but it also doesn't take up too much room. I will have to look for this :)

  4. Yes, I am happy with it! When everything is organized, your collection doesn't feel so overwhelming! hehe

  5. Pigments were never my fav...but now, I love them...esp the neutral wearable packaging sucks though...its soo tiny!!

  6. yes, I agree, I rarely wear my neutral ones proly cause I am so lazy on my neutral school days. hehe I really love gold mode!