Thursday, January 6, 2011

MAC Peacocky collection Looks + Review

I haven't made me MAC purchases since Venomous Villains which is a long stretch for me. The Peacocky collection is the only collection I was lookng forward to as I love mettalic shadows. It did not dissapoint, however I wish some shadows had a more real mettalic shine. I love how they work very well with water. The stars of the collection are Dalliance and Unflappable as they are the most unique to me.

Dalliance and Prance have the same creamy, frosty, buttery texture.
Dalliance is similar to Maui Wowie but way better in texture and has great shine like a pigment when used wet. Prance is more whitish frosty and I haven't decided how well I like it yet.

While Unflappable and Odalisque texture is more hard and not so creamy, it is still of high quality. They are very easy to apply and blend especially with water, and are long lasting. Some people have made the comparison between Birds & Berries and Odalisque but on me they are pretty different colors. Odalisque is more bright teal and Birds & Berries is more dusty bluish. Odalisque actually looked similar in color to UD Flipside Liner on my lids but not to Flipside eye-shadow.

Top of the Posh is a very unique pink. I usually don't wear pinks as they me look sickly but this is one was very cool toned, yet had pretty gold mixed in. It is very pretty but not very metallic and it doesn't like to be layered much.

I LOVE Unflappable!! It's a perfect smoky neutral that I will wear alot. It looks like a plummy cool toned grey on me. Very different from Satin Taupe. People have compared it to Smut which I heard is very hard to blend.
I am wearing Unflappable all over lid here with Dalliance on inner corners.

Here, I am wearing Odalisque all over lid over UD base with Prance on inner corners.( My bf said I looked drunk here haha).

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