Saturday, July 16, 2011

Being an Orange Head!

I have wanted to dye my hair a shade of red for a long time and have been natural for years so I was eager for a change so when I got a modeling offer where a salon owner from a popular salon in Yaletown wanted to dye my hair "light copper red" for a photo shoot hair competition, I was very excited. Light copper red sounds like a nice wearable shade right? Little did I know he actually meant "bright bright orange". When I saw the orange in the mirror I would have freaked out if he didn't say he would change the color after the photo shoot.

He dyed my hair twice to get the color, first he lightened to a light orange color, then added more bright orange the second time. It came out more dark orange on the head even though my hair was all the same natural color. After I washed it once though, everything became even.

It was fun being an orange head for a week, my bf called me "crush" after the pop drink and people would stare. Some girl came up to me sephora and asked if it was natural hair color and how much she loved it haha.

After the photo shoot, I went red hair magazine scouting and bought a magazine with the shade of red I wanted so I could show the salon stylist. He dyed my hair the perfect shade I wanted, however later I looked up the color online and found out it was a demi-permanent shade instead of permanent, and it literally washed out in 3 hair washings and became almost the orange I started out with. The color was by Joico Vero K-Pak Chrome.

I don't know why he dyed it with a demi color when I clearly wanted permanent and red hair fades fast to begin with. I also disliked that he rushed through dyeing my hair to get me out as quickly as possible so he could work on his paying client. He put me under an uncomfortable heat lamp for the longest time and if I knew he wasn't going to do anything after, I would have left much earlier. The other model getting her hair re-dyed by another stylist, got hers blow dried and straightened normally and she left much earlier than I did. He also missed an orange patch in my hair. I put alot of time into coming into the salon twice so he could work on my hair and then the whole day at the actual photo shoot when he was working on other models. You would think, with the time I put in, he would spend a little more time re-dyeing my hair properly. Hopefully, I at least get a good photo out of the whole ordeal.

I ended up re-dyeing my hair "intense red copper" permanent this time at home with my boyfriends help and I really like the color (photos to come).

Anyways this is my hair colouring adventure story. haha

Here is me being an Orange Head

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