Friday, September 30, 2011

Whimsical Hair Treats

I am very excited to have started making Hair Accessory pieces named Whimsical Hair Treats! I have opened up my etsy store where you can purchase these items here: Whimsical Hair Treats

It's alot of fun making, designing them, and hunting down specific elements at craft stores. I am insired my candy, alice in wonderland(of course!), whimsical forests, seas, mermaids, and sea creatures, victorian eras, stories and books.

I make hand made tulle flowers and design with feathers, swarowski crystals and gems/stones as well as other elements which are then attached to a sturdy pretty alligator clip at the back.

I love peacock feathers! Especially how the change colors in the sun and flash gold, green and teal.

Nautical inspired, I love seahorses and anything to do with the beach.

This one was inspired by the Mad Hatter because it's as colorful as he is! It also reminds me of carnival/circus shows with "freak of nature" characters.

This is one of my favourites as I love girly colors of lavender with pink and pink polka dot feathers with natural feathers.

My First Creation!

I call this the Bleeding Heart Piece with an irridescent Swarowski Heart Pendant.

This is one of my mini's and it reminds me of a cute little candy.

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