Sunday, April 4, 2010

Nibbler Photos + Tokidoki Kabuki Review

Usually I love shooting my bird Bluey because she's very comfortable in front of the camera. Nibbler is getting used to the camera still but I managed to get a really good headshot. My other bird Princey is crazy! He was running back and forth on the window sill like he was going to get shot. We names him Nibbler because he kept nibbling on all these papers and my fingers when we brought him home.

Nibbler looking Smug. hehe

Tokidoki Face Brush! I got 2 for myself and my friends b-day.

I wasn't excited about this collection coming out in Sephora or anything. The design and packaging doesn't appeal to me but I did really like this face brush. Somehow, I keep eyeing kabukis lately. Perhaps because I am too lazy to clean my face brushes so I want to buy new ones! haha I know it's ridiculous. The brush is very soft on your face and you got to love the purple tips although I am not sure how the color will hold up after a few washings. It didn't shed at all when I used it. The brush is pretty big and I think it would be best for all over face powders or bronzers as it doesn't deposit too much color right away. It's not tightly packed together like the MAC #182 or the MUFE kabuki so it deposits colour sparingly and kind of takes up your whole face. It wouldn't be good for applying blush but you can blend the blush out. The other stuff from the collection looked kinda cheap and kiddie like. The characters are cute. However, I didn't like the packaging at all for the other stuff especially for the eye-shadows which very very big and the colors weren't anything unique. I swatched some pencils and they didn't glide on very smoothly. I was in a rush to my friends b-day so I didn't have time to test out the other stuff.

Nibbler trying to bite my camera. hehe

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