Friday, April 16, 2010

Pop Beauty Petal Jam Lip Balm Review & Tarina Tarantino Skull Bracelet

I got a Tarina Tarantino skull bracelet and I love it alot! I still think it is overpriced for what it is but it's really cute and I love how the pink eyes glow/sparkle in the evening. It's comfortable and fits my tiny wrist perfectly.

On to the lip balm by Pop Beauty in "Budding Berry". It resembles jam in a jar which appeals to me as I like the idea of jam on my lips haha. It smells jammy/candyish too. I found the smell kinda annoyingly sweet in the store but at home it's very nice. It's clear, shiny, and mousturizing on lips. It looks like I am wearing clear lipgloss. It also tastes sweet and I like how the smell lingers for a while while on your lips. It contains Avocado Oil, Jojoba Oil, and Vitamin E and it says you can also use it on cuticles and elbows, although I intend on using it mostly on my lips.

Budding Berry the only balm out of the three that actually looks/smells like jam in the pot.

The screw on top took alot of force for me to open and right away and you see a chunky/fluffy texture that looks edible. You don't have to scrape the top to get it out as you do with alot of balms. The other lighter pink jam texture was alot more hard so it took more force to get it out.

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