Wednesday, May 19, 2010

MAC To The Beach Collection Review

I went to MAC To The Beach Preview Party with my little sister and it was very fun! I thought it would be overcrowded which would make me want to get my stuff and leave very soon but it wasn't at all. I was in the third group at 8pm. I had lots of fun swatching everything (multiple times) and took my time deciding what I want. (It's a complex process).

The watered down pineapple cocktail and appetizers weren't very good but that's not what I came for anyways. I took one appetizer without listening to what the man had said it was(I never listen) and it turned out to have avocado and Brussels sprouts inside ewwww. I didn't want to be rude and throw it out so I just ate it. I should have thought more about the mans look on his face when I picked it up which clearly read "Are you really accepting my offer?".

There were 2 guys in tight orange beach shorts making necklaces and my sister stole mine so I didn't have a pic to post. They look exactly the same as other peoples necklaces so they were prolly taught guidelines in making them even thought the guy said he made it just for us. haha

I love anything beachy (being a Pisces) and To the Beach is a nice collection but most of it, I felt, was very dupable. The things that stood out to me were the things I bought (duh):

Marine Life Powder: When I first came I panicked that it was sold-out because I didn't see it n the display but no it wasn't. When I saw the tester, all the gold overspray was allready gone and when I brought it home and touched a tiny part on the seahorse(You can see in the pics) it came off so easily. Good thing the color underneath is what I bought it for. I just love how bright it is! The brighter the better as with proper application it make you look very refreshed.

Sweet & Punchy e/s: Love this! I was worried this was to similar to the Too Faced Lucky Charms Duo but it is way more yellow. I don't have rater R or other similar colors I am very happy with it. I also love the Veluxe Pearl finish. This color would even be very pretty with neutral colors like Satin Taupe and not just other greens/teals.

I also loved the packaging much more in person! I think the sea-shell look really cute.

Thrills l/s: I am cool-toned and very fair but this doesn't look orange on me or anything. I don't really know how to describe it, but I think I would put it in the coral category. I wouldn't really say it is pink or rose colored. This looks much prettier outside in the sun where the golden duochrome is more apparent.

Not part of this collection, I also got the Superglass in Fab Frenzy. I had no interest in even looking at them but when I saw it beside the To The Beach tester, I fell in love with all the pretty sparkles. It doesn't look purple on the lips, it's more plum with violet glitter. It reminds me of a sultry mermaid color. haha.

EDIT: After wearing this gloss a few times, I came to a conclusion that I don't like it. It's not as sparkly as it looks in the tube and too goopy/sticky. Heavier than lipglasses. The smell is not very noticable but doesn't have MAC's vanilla scent like in the dazzleglasses/lipglasses etc. The chunky glitter feels gritty and scratchy if you rub your lips together.

Other stuff from the collection I looked at but didn't get:

Funbathing lipstick: I was going to get this but it really disappointed me in person. It looked brown instead of the pretty plum I saw in swatches. I also didn't see any duochrome in it that was supposed to be there. I tried it on to be sure, and nope I didn't like it one bit.

Lazy Day l/s: This was pigmented and creamy but the color is not unique by any means. I feel like MAC always releases this shade.

EDIT: I got this when I exchanged my superglass and I love it. I think this would look best on cool toned people. When I tried it on my lips, I realized I don't have a pink like it. It's a very creamy natural looking pale pink on me.

Fluerry of Fun l/g: This had a peachy/orange base with green glitter. I wasn't wowed by it or thought that I must have this. It's prolly a nice gloss for people who like peach glosses (I don't really), but I didn't find it unique at all with all the dazzleglasses Ive seen. I was turned off by the orange color in it.

Beachbound: Very sheer and the color that does show up is mostly frost. It's a glaze so I am not surprised.

Bronzing oil: This didn't feel oily at all or sticky after being rubbed in. However, it didn't leave any color or made the skin look shiny which is what I wanted. It left a big concentration of glitter which was not finely milled by my standards. I have a self tanner by Dior which also contains sparkles and they are way more smaller, yet still quite visible. The bronzing oil didn't have any particular smell. Personally, I would prefer a nice light smell.

Float-on by Kohl Pencil: This was very pretty and creamy, but on the lids it prolly doesn't look much different from other teal liners I have. How many teal liners does one need? I hope I don't get weak-kneed and get this when this collection releases.

EDIT: This is similar color to UD Flipside liner except that Float is more blue and slightly darker. I tested the smudge factor on both liners and Float was definately more easier to smudge.

Bronzers: Didn't pay attention to these because I rarely wear bronzer and one bronzer from the too faced beach palette is all I need. What I hate about cream products though is that hairs always get stuck in it.

Make-up look Coming soon! ;P


  1. Wow! I really love the Marine Life Powder. I love marine biology and MAC, so it is the perfect combination for me! And the packaging is so pretty.

    I can't wait to see looks with these products, especially with that amazing Superglass and the Marine Life Powder.

  2. Marine biology intrests me aswell. Have you ever been scuba-diving? It's so awesome, like being in another world.

    After trying on the superglass a few times, I am actually not crazy about it. It looks so cool in the tube but on the lips, it's not sparkly enough and the chunky glitter scratches if you rub you lips together. Ill prolly be returning it but Ill do a look with it anyway.:)