Thursday, May 20, 2010

MAC To The Beach 2 Looks with Marine Life

I love marine life powder and thrills!! I felt very beachy today even though I just went to class. I was skeptical of thrills lipstick looking orange or too warm on me as I am cool-toned but it doesn't. I love the golden sheen in it visible in outside light.

I Used:
BE Powder
MUFE lift concealer
UD Mildew all over lid with sweet and punchy above crease and inner lid
Sweet & Punchy shadow on inner lid
Solar white to highlight
Marine Life Powder on cheeks
Thrills lipstick

Don't mind my half-naked boyfriend in the back. haha


  1. Love Thrills and Marine Life on you. I'm sold :)

  2. Thanks!! Yup they are great products.

  3. Love it! I like how subtle your eye makeup looks when your eyes are open, and then you close your eyes and BAM! Gorgeous!