Saturday, April 2, 2011

MAC Quite Cute Collection Review + Swatches

I LOVE LOVE LOVE the lipsticks in the Quite Cute Collection! MAC hasn't been very exciting in a while but this collection really tickled my fancy. It is better than Sugarsweet for me. I love how the colors are very cool toned, girly and springy. I have been waiting for colors like Quite Cute and Playtime lipsticks. Quite cute is very fun and Playtime is a very pretty purple with lavender which really refreshes your face. Candy Yum-Yum is a very neon bright barbie pink! It's awesome and stays on for a long time too. It's matte and I prefer to put a lipgloss on top for the glossy effect. I wore it with Almondine gloss to the club and the stain is still on my lips the next morning. Playing Koi is a great nude and I also love it with a gloss. I think of swimming fish everytime I pull it out 'cause of the name obviously.

I am very pale cool toned skin for reference.
I don't find Playtime to be very sheer, you can wear it more subtly or easily layer it to look how it does in the tube. Candy Yum-Yum looks more bright on my lips than it does on my arm swatch.


  1. These are really great swatches! Thank you so much!

    I'd love if you did some looks with the new ones, especially Quite Cute and Playtime. Especially since we have very similar skin tone! ;) I'd love to see what kinds of looks you could come up with them!

  2. I will definately do some looks soon! ;) The weather has been really wet lately and dim lighing doesn't produce accurate photos...hopefully it will clear up soon.