Thursday, May 19, 2011

MAC Surf Baby Preview Party Review

I have gone to several MAC preview parties in the past and all of them have been super fun for me until this one. Upon coming in, I was told to go line up at a booth where you would get a free shirt to get painted. I observed that people were being handed free blank t-shirts when it was their turn and then they would choose a design which the guy at the booth would paint on using stencils. I thought well that's a fun idea! Wrong.

Shortly after, a mac employee with teal shadow up to her brows (was not a cool look on her Ill be honest) stole the bin of shirts from the booth and approached us saying that we could have our own shirt stenciled but if we wanted a shirt we would have to make a purchase. We were allready in the middle of the line and my friends didn't get a chance to look at the collection yet so they didn't know what they wanted but I did so I went and made a purchase and gave the shirt to my little sister. I was given a shirt and was told the shirts were all one size when they actually had small, medium and larges. Teal lady said they would give them out randomly and she did not wish to bother exchanging the sizes if someone was too big or too small for their shirt.
Actually, she would not even give my friend a free shirt after she made a purchase even though she informed us we would herself, because she was saving it for other people that were apparently way more important than us because they haven't made a purchase yet. Wow.

When my sister made a purchase, a different employee turned to another employee (the one who told me they had one size only)and said "can she get a shirt?" and she replied "no give her a bandana". This white bandana looked liked a napkin you put on your knees at a restaurant. I said "we were told with a purchase we would get a shirt" and she replied "these are my orders" while the crazy teal lady smiled. I didn't bother arguing as I didn't feel like standing 1 hour in line for the booth again and I didn't even care about their cheap shirts but it still irritated me that we were lied to. If you inform a customer one thing, then don't change your words after they made a purchase. The woman who said no was also the same woman who got my sale, but she's not getting another sale from me that's for sure! The shirts were supposed to be a fun thing but it was soo poorly planned and organized that it just made me feel ripped off.

Perhaps, we should have said we want to return all the items or accepted the bandana napkin and used it when the toilet paper ran out I don't know.

Now that I am done ranting, let's move on to the actual products haha:

Overall, the collection was very blah. I much prefered last years To The Beach collection and everyone got cute seashell necklaces.

The stand out for me in this collection is definately Surf the Ocean pigment stack. When you look in the way they are packaged, you may think these are not worth it but the texture of the colors are awesome. They are wet-like and apply very easily even though some look chunky in the pot. I prefer applying them wet as I do with everything these days.

Some people have wondered if their gold shade was supposed to so clumpy but it is due to wet like texture of the pigment which I personally love. I wish MAC would release more of these. It does have an oil like smell to it but I just don't smell it before use as I do with the vanilla smelling lipsticks.

The second item I loved best is the Hibiscus lipstick. It's a cremesheen formula which is my new favourite Mac lipstick formula. It's creamy and builable to opaque. The color is orange-coral-red on me. It's different than Toxic Tale which is more intense and coral on me. Made with love lipstick is more pink coral.

I also got Naturally Eccentric lipstick which I am on the fence about. It looked streaky when I applied it alone and if you swoosh your lips around(which I have a habit of doing), it looks more streaky. I was going to return it but I liked it when I applied a light pink lipgloss on top which helped with the streakyness but Iam unsure still. It makes me look more tan than I am.

The teal shadow is nice if you don't have teals on the green side but really is not all that unique. The color reminded me of my Waternymph shadow which I never use but love. (How does that work? haha).

The Ocean dip nail polish was very watery and for the price I expect the formula to be perfect.

Nothing else stood out to me. I guess the upside of the party was getting buzzed from their watery tequila cocktails and getting my surf the ocean pigment stack.

Here is the booth artist guy. (He was nice.)

Here is the one shirt that I gave to my sister. It's an octopus.

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