Wednesday, September 22, 2010

MAC Venomous Villains Preview Party Photos + Review

Me and my sis went to the Venomous Villains in the first group and when I saw the VV display in the window I felt a rush of excitement swoosh over me. I passed my car exam on the same day so I was high on happiness all day.

We were technically the first people to arrive but I didn't want to be the first to line up so we went to Sephora to start the swatch party and then when we came back right on time, there was a line up of around 20 peeps. It went really fast but some girl in a leopard coat trying to imitate Cruella with a man were trying really hard to cut in line saying they didn't want to wait because there were invited. Yeah, so was everyone else. At first, it didn't feel overly crowded or overwhelming but when the second group hit, it was chaos and the line up almost went all around the MAC store. I prefer to be one of the last groups like I was at the To The Beach Party as most of the people have gone away but with VV I couldn't risk things getting sold out. hehe. I think the store was triple stocked up on this one though. I saw beautiful hoards of VV make-up sitting behind the till in boxes. One of these days, I will really rob MAC. Just kidding! Here are some photos:

MAC Picture-taking Epic FAIL! hahahaha.

They gave us these cards with the code that you plug into the mac site and download your photo they took and this is the photo I got. The male MA must have had a tad too many cocktails. haha. Thankfully, I asked the nice female MA to take a pic from my camera.

I am sick but I wanted to take a quick pic to show what Heartless lipstick looks like on my very fair cool-toned skin. It's super bright and dramatic. I would describe it as a classic neutral red. It's definitely a red-red. It doesn't run orange or turn pink even after eating. After a full meal and lots of drinking, I still had a nice red stain to my lips that took a long time to wear off. The lipstick is also very creamy, non-drying in it's Amplified finish. I only have 2 red lipsticks, Port Red & Crazee and it's definitely super different between the two. I am not sure if it's that unique if you have lots of reds but it definitely is to my collection.

I ended up sticking to my list once in my life and got these items:

Bad Fairy nail polish: This is ruby red with with copper/gold duo chrome. In some light, it looks pink instead of red so I feel like this nail-polish is playing tricks on me. I haven't tried it on the nails yet, so we'll see what it's TRUE color is soon.

Formidable n/p: This is a very blackened-reddish base with purple and teal sheen. It reminds me of a beautiful beetle I caught as a child and was looking through a microscope. You need to layer twice to see it's true color and it is very dark.

Mean & Green n/p: This is my favourite. Gorgeous Green with pink duo chrome. Absolutely stunning and super unique. If you only want to get one nail-polish, get this!

OSF Beauty Powder: When I first swatched this, I though "fuck it's chalky". But I got it as my heart was set and I wanted it for the compact and I am so glad I did because I love it on me. When I watched the VV videos of the MAC man saying "OSF gives a glow from within" I thought he was bullshitting as it was prolly just another light pink powder. But it definitely gave me a very pretty glow-from-within look with a certain unique, weird-but-awesome brightness that I wasn't expecting. It has nice subtle shimmer, but not to the extent of Shell Pearl or anything. It's pigmented enough to be worn as a blush. Briar Rose was also pretty but I have so many similar bright pink colors already.

EDIT: Summer Rose is different than Briar Rose. Briar Rose is more hot pinkish and Summer Rose is a much more softer pink-violet color. I find Summer Rose to be more unique in color.

MES She Who Dares: This is a must-have!! It's even more smoother & glitter packed than the Style Black shadows. The green side has a sort of iridescence to it as it kinda has white tiny areas within the green. I am not sure how to explain that. It is STUNNING when wet and exactly what I wanted!! I felt fairy-tale like/magical wearing it. The blue side isn't just blue either even though it may appear that way overall, I def see some purplish glitter in it. I especially love the two colors mixed together and the glitter stays on for a long time as well. If MAC released more of these babies such as a turquoise/teal and a gold, Id be floating on air.

Dark Deed Lipstick: This lipstick will look different on different skin tones I believe. On my NC15 coloring, it's SUPER dramatic, dark vampy color. Nothing like Kittenish or Cunning at all which are more subtle and Cunning is def more sheer. I was a tad disappointed upon swatching as I expected it to be more red but when my bf came home and was like "nice dark red lips" and I was "Thank-you that's what I wanted!!!" and gave him a hug and he was like "Wtf have you been drinking?" hahaa. I decided to experiment and wore Dark Deed over Heartless lipstick and TA DA, the perfect vampire post-feeding lips I have been dreaming of!! I will take a pic of that combo later.

MAGIC Cooling Powder in Truth & Light: This one feels very magical when you touch it even in the tub. If you put it on your blush, it feels very wet, and I found out that the best way to apply it for me is with a 187 brush. It's not too shimmery so I have no problem dusting it all over the face. It gives a golden type glow to my skin but in the tub I can see different coloured shimmer such as gold, pink, and even green. Perhaps, I am seeing things but I sure do see green in the tub but not on the skin so don't worry. It's a cool, unique product that I look forward to using again. The characters face on it makes me chuckle even though I never seen Princess & the Frog but I want to. No doubt, MAC chose him in order to promote the new movie and it's working.

The majority of the MA's at the party were wearing Violetta and to be honest I wasn't crazy about it. The makeup that I was drooling over was the MA who was wearing dark deed with really smoky black eyes. Ive been craving dramatic, vampiric make-up looks lately. The lipglosses in the collection didn't impress me, Revenge is Sweet was too sheer for my liking and Strange Potion, while pretty, isn't unique.
The brownish dark lipgloss (I forgot the name) looked kinda pooey to me. Toxic Tale is a bright coral, and I think it will run more pink on darker skintones and more coral on lighter. Innocense Beware! was a creamy more nude than pink color.

EDIT: Bite of an Apple blush: It looked like a much more pigmented Hipness in the pot. It was definately not the dominant red-coral I was hoping/wanted it to be. At the MAC store it did look like a pretty watermelony color, but when I got home I swatched my beloved Joyous and the color was EXACTLY the same!! Bite of an Apple was deeper and Joyous had more of a sheen but the color was almost identical. I allready feel Joyous is too pigmented and often over apply it so I am convinced I don't need BOA. When this collection comes out, I will try BOA on my cheeks at the store to see if it looks the same so I can rest my blush-whoring soul for good.

EDIT: So I tried BOA blush on the cheeks and the color was more red and deeper than Joyous and actually reminded me of an apple, not the red-red gladiator apples but the apples which are half rosy and half yellow like the gala apples. Swatches on my fingertips side by side also confrmed it is considerably different. Verdict is it DOES looks different than Hipness and Joyous on the cheeks and it IS unique to my large blush collection and I like it so much that I am adding it to the Must-have list. :)

Me wearing BOA Blush. On my lips, I am wearing the leftover stain of Heartless lipstick and some moonstone lipgelee. I am sick but the blush really brightened my face and makes me look healthy. I am also wearing Truth & Light magic powder here.

Resort Life lipglee was very pretty and I loved the pink glitter in it but it reminded me of a Too Faced lipgloss I wanted to get that smells like chocolate mints.

I am sure everyone will find something they love in the collection, my absolute must-haves picks are: The nail polishes, Magic Cooling powder, MES She Who Dares which, OSF Beauty Powder if your fair-skinned and BOA Blush. These are the items I find to be the most unique.

LOOKS Coming soon!! Sorry about the delay- I am sick and tired.


  1. thank you for your detailed review. Your pics are great and I love that red lipstick on you. I have like 12 friggin red lipsticks so I have to skip but BOA, Bad Fairy and Dark Deed are on my list.

    Oh, I'm Shadowy Lady on Specktra. Following you now, check out my blog too if you want :)

  2. Those are great picks. I still urge you to try Mean & Green if you don't have the Orly dupe! hehe

  3. Thank you for the great review and pictures!

    I wasn't sure how I felt about the colors from the promotional pictures, but now I definitely need to pick up some, especially the Cruella stuff (she's my favorite!)

  4. Yeah Ive grown to love Cruella after this collection. hehe. My favourite is Maleficent even though I don't even remember seeing Sleeping Beauty as a child.