Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Venomous Villains Photos & Comparison Swatches

Dark deed is very dramatic & opaque when worn alone and very fun color. It looks like a sexy bloody red when layered on top of another bright red lipstick like heartless.

The pink side of Marine Life is lighter than Oh So Fair and not as pigmented. There's something special about Of So fair, it's not your usual pale pink blush like I thought it would be. It gives off a unique from within brightness on your cheeks.

As you can see Bite of an Apple blush is quite different from Marine Life. BOB is more rosy like an apple. Marine Life is more of a true coral and looks closer to Joyous.

Summer Rose is actually alot different than Briar rose which is more of a hot pink. The texture is very soft and pigmented and different from my other hot pinks like Two Virtues blush which is alot more shimmery in texture. I would describe the texture of Briar Rose to be "luminous matte". I know it sounds weird, but it gives a nice luminous look without being frosty or shimmery.

She Who Dares MES is gawgeous applied wet! I mixed a bit of blue in the green swatch.