Tuesday, September 28, 2010

She Who Dares done a Heartless Dark Deed ~ Venomous Villains Look

I used: Colorstay Foundation in Ivory, MUFE Lift Concealer, UD Primer Potion, UD pencil in zero, Undercurrent liner, Black shadow from heatherette trio with She Who Dares Green Side MES wet on top, drugstore lashes, Tarte Mascara, Briar Rose on cheeks, Truth & Light powder all over, Heartless Lipstick, Dark Deed lipstick.

Me wearing only Heartless lipstick first.

Then I applied some Dark Deed on top for that vampire post-feasting look. Mt bf even said I looked like I had vampire bloody lips without me telling him so goal achieved. haha

I am wearing She Who Dares on top of the black shadow from the Heatherette trio which is just a normal matte black with some teal flecks. She Who Dares shadow is much more glittery, sparkly, shiny hot when used wet than the dull lighting in the room could capture.

Meet cute little Fedor! He's a (russian?) dwarf hammy who can literally run 30km/h on his wheel. He's super fast and sprints/jumps if startled. It was super hard getting a sharp image of him as he likes to fiddle alot. I gave him the Truth & Light powder box to burrow in. hehe.

I am also wearing Bad Fairy nail polish which is red with beautiful copper/gold but will try to confuse you by turning into raspberry pink under some lighting.


  1. Gorgeous look, and your hamster is just adorable!!

  2. Thanks!! I love matryoshka dolls as well! Are you from Russia?